David + Luke's Wedding

Updated: May 17, 2018

David and Luke are the sort of couple photographers dream of spending a wedding day with. Thanks to their kind, genuine natures – as well as the love and support of a phenomenal circle of friends and family – capturing their March wedding was a delight, from beginning to end.

From the start, it was clear that these two handsome fellows were the perfect match for each other. The two met online (hooray for a high match percentage on #OkCupid!), and you couldn't ask for a better pairing. David's joyful, outgoing nature, as well as his incredible organizational skills, were balanced effortlessly by Luke's thoughtful, sweet introversion and lightheartedness.

Once David and Luke got engaged, following a romantic dinner and fro-yo date, they knew they wanted St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, in #NorthHollywood, as the ceremony site for their spring wedding. For their color scheme, they opted for black and white: simple, elegant, and easy (a combination described well in their wedding hashtag, #sofetch). Luke designed both the Save the Dates and Invitations on #Publisher using these chic elements, and the big day finally arrived.

The morning of the wedding could not have been more peaceful. #StMatthewsNoHo, a church with a history of progressive ideology and inclusion, was beautifully framed by a clear blue sky.

As guests arrived, family and friends were welcomed into the house of worship with open arms.

David and Luke had styled and decorated the pews beautifully, earlier that morning, with sweeping flowers and elegant ribbons, which created a soft, romantic ambience within the church.

Once it was time for the ceremony to begin, family and friends took their seats. David and Luke walked the aisle hand in hand, beaming with pride and joy, and looking radiant together.

Pastor Stephanie's beautiful message of inclusion, and welcoming words for those gathered to celebrate, beautifully set the tone for the ceremony. David and Luke included several readings by family and friends, including passages from "An Awesome Book of Love", by #dallasclayton, which was part of Luke's proposal to David.

The book brought a childhood simplicity and sweetness to the concept of love, and was described by the author as a "heartwarming story that explores the many faces of love. Perfect for any day you'd like to tell someone special how much you care."

As the ceremony progressed, the families blessed David and Luke, in preparation for the start of their new life together, including an upcoming move across the US, for David's new job.

While I've attended many, many weddings, there was something uniquely touching about the bond between David and Luke. It really was like seeing two best friends together, and it was obvious that their biggest wish and want was for the other person to feel happy, safe, and loved, for a lifetime.

After departing from the altar, everyone jubilantly hugged and congratulated the new couple, as they took on their first official job as husband and husband: signing their marriage license. Woop!

The party continued outside, where countless friends and relatives offered their love for the couple, before they left in a their classy getaway car, to head to a lunch reception.

The getaway car brought David and Luke to an elegant reception at #Maggiano's Little Italy, at #TheGrove in #LosAngeles. The beloved Italian restaurant provided the perfect setting for a fun and casual lunch reception, as appetizers, drinks, and laughter commenced, during cocktail hour.

Guests signed the guest book and left thoughtful gifts, while enjoying wine, bruschetta and beyond.

Channeling their playful sides, David and Luke brilliantly featured a caricature artist from #toonupz, Angelo (the owner), who was able to draw individuals and couples in a few minutes. This produced a fun, unique gift for wedding guests to take home, on stationary featuring David and Luke's names and wedding date. What a charming and memorable activity and thank-you gift!

Angelo was able to also draw a special picture for David and Luke, featuring Luke's grandfather, who had passed away before the wedding. Tears and smiles emerged, as art made Luke's grandfather, who was there in spirit, a lasting part of the wedding day and celebration.

Delicious Italian fare was served family-style, from salad and bread to lasagna and ravioli, as family members on both sides toasted the happy couple and wished them well.

After dinner, the merriment continued. New friends were made and perfect weather was enjoyed, as laughter rang out and echoed into the stunning Saturday afternoon.

Both venues provided perfect backdrops for merrymaking, and both David and Luke were thrilled with how smoothly everything was rolling out. Their biggest piece of advice to couples planning their own weddings: get your guest list and venue decided early.

Cake and dessert were as rich and beautiful as the main course, and David and Luke kept things classy, as they enjoyed sharing some of their tiered #weddingcake from #PortosBakery.

As the party began to wind down, we stole away for a bit, capturing these sweet shots of David and Luke, enjoying their first afternoon – and a bit of intimate quiet time – as married men.

Without a doubt, David and Luke were meant for one another, and it was an honor to bear witness to this beginning of a lifetime of devotion and love. I will miss both of these special individuals, as they head away from California, but I am thrilled to see what the next adventure brings their way.

"And if you were the future and I was the past, if I was too slow and you were too fast, if you were a cloud and I was a ghost, if you were long distance and I was up close, I’d still love you, no matter what sense it would make. I’d love you whenever, whatever it takes. I’d love you no matter, ’cause you’re you and I’m me, together, forever, in love as can be."

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