Hi there, I'm Chelsea. 

Born in Texas. Raised internationally. Lover of shaved ice. Poke bowl addict.

Obsessed with thunderstorms. Husky/Shepherd mama. Silly voices maker.

Free hug giver. High fiver. Bust-a-mover. Down dogger. Globe trotter. Do-er.

Tae Bo wannabe (and once met Billy Blanks!). Enjoyer of time spent with good people doing silly things. Adventure seeker. House Stark for life. Ex-stunt lady.

Late-night philosopher. Star gazer. Book reader. Fun seeker. Lifelong dork.

My photography is..

Captured from a joyful place. Focused on what makes your story unique. Vibrant. Inspired by natural lighting and special spaces. Light. Adventurous (I crawl into odd positions, to get the best shots). Canon-created. Available worldwide. 

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